• From 29 December 2012, the State Government will force public transport users to buy a Myki before they can use trains, trams or buses in Melbourne, followed in future by much of Victoria.
  • This will make Victoria probably the only place in the world that does not provide single-use tickets for occasional users and tourists.
  • Myki cards won't even be available on trams. If you don't already have a Myki before you get on, you won't be able to catch the tram. Myki cardholders won't even be able to top up their cards onboard.
  • Myki vending machines only offer full-fare Mykis. Pensioners, children and concession cardholders buying a Myki at unstaffed stations will have to buy a full-fare Myki ($6) and then pay full-fare for travel on top.

We call on the State Government to make single-use, 2-hour and daily tickets available at stations and on trams and buses, and allow Myki top-ups on trams.

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Metcard cannot be used from 29th December 2012